Sous Vide Bags

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Sous Vide Cooking And Storage Starter Kit includes:
1 x Hand Vacuum Pump
10 x Sous vide bags 8.7x 8.2″ (22 x 21 cm)
10 x Sous vide bags 10.2×11″ (26 x 28 cm)
10 x Sous vide bags10.2×13.4″ (26 x 34 cm)
4 x Clips for Sous vide cooking
2 x White sealing clips

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  • Sous Vide Bags comes in 3 dimensions (small 8.2*8.7, medium 11*10.2 and large 13.4*10.2) 1 hand pump, 2 white sealing clips and 4 green cooking clips.
  • From cooking your favorite food using our bags together with Anova Sous Vide, Joule Soule Vide, Polyscience Sous Vide, Nomiku Sous Vide or any your favorite sous vide machine, storage your condiments, fruits, vegetables, cooked food, inside or outside the freezer, or for simply carrying your day to day sandwich our bags can surely fulfill all your needs.
  • Are you tired of using big storage containers for your day to day needs, are you tired to throw away food after a day because of the burning this is the solution for your needs, with a strong double zipper can fill all your needs from kitchen storage to camping, work, fishing or any other passions that may have the need to carry your preferred food.
  • Our product comes in handy and easy to use for any situation. Fill your bag, seal it with the clip, pump the air and you re seconds from storage or cook your desired food. After emptying the bag you must clean it with warm water, normal washing liquid and a damp cloth, let it dry and store it ready for next use.
  • We don`t cover our story with words we invite to try our product, if you find any issues or for any kind of reasons you don’t like it please share with us so we can do better. If you don’t love we come with a 30 days WARRANTY so you can get a refund or a replacement in the worst case.


User Instructions

After filling the bag push out the excess air before you seal the zipper. ! Don`t leave residue inside the zipper surface!
Use the white sealing clip, run it across the double zipper a few times to ensure the zipper is closed. Make sure the zipper is closed by putting a bit of pressure on the bag.
Place the bag on a flat surface and rearrange the food so nothing passes the maximum line. Ensure it is no food on the valve!
Put the manual pump on the air valve, and begin to pull out the air from the bag. Make sure the suction tip is centered on the air valve! Release the pump when the bag becomes tight around food. Caution, too much pressure can restrict the airflow!